Planned Parenthood Saves Lives – Including Mine

Summers Love Company stands with Planned Parenthood

Wear pink today friends! Support health services that save lives, including mine!

Earlier this year, I had an unexpected pregnancy and wanted to see a doctor to learn and understand more.I had never been pregnant before. We were not sure we were ready, but well nobody ever is, right?

I had a weird feeling that it wasn’t right, something was not meant to be. I couldn’t explain it, but I knew I needed to see a doctor and quickly. I knew somehow that this child was not going to be the angel we wanted. The timing was wrong, my body felt wrong, my heart felt wrong.

I had recently packed up my life and moved from Los Angeles to Ventura County to be with my soon to be husband and his precious daughters. I didn’t have a doctor in the area, but when I started to call, I could not get a single physician in my new city to see me, despite having insurance for which I pay $284 per month. I called about twelve doctor’s offices and was denied by every single one. 

Nobody was accepting new patients.

Then a friend suggested I call Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood saw me immediately and identified that I had a dangerous ectopic pregnancy and helped me find immediate emergency treatment. They took me on, when I literally had nowhere else to turn. There was profound confusion, pain, grief for what was a very sad loss for Will and me. Without their help, both my life and fertility would have been at serious risk.

I am truly grateful to the friends I could talk to, who sat with me in the hospital and who helped me during that time and the caretakers who kept me healthy. They are forever angels in my story. 

Someday, Will and I hope to add to our family with another child and even his girls are on board. (Tepidly) THIS is why I am working to build a sustainable business and career through this company. Becoming a mom has been a dream of mine for a long time, and this is why I am taking extraordinary risks, pushing boundaries and bringing for a new revolution. I realized long ago that in order to afford to have a child and raise my child in an healthy environment, I couldn’t just take another job. I needed to create the kind of job that would allow me to be the kind of mom I want to be.

Having a child with my husband is why we work hard and why I am driven.

It is why I want it all.

This is why we all plan and why we are grateful for the services that help so many. #IstandwithPP



CEO & Founder, Summers Love Company

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