Dating & Love Advice: Do Not Settle!

Dating & Love Advice: Do Not Settle!

Working on our ‪#‎BreakupGuide‬ tonight after a great day on HuffPost Live talking love in the age of snapchat. Here’s a tricky thing about love…. it can lead to heartbreak. In fact, often times it does. Relationships and marriages can seriously hurt. That does not however mean we shouldn’t go for it, right?

How do we pick better and not repeat our mistakes? What kind of love advice should we take and who should we take it from? Well, we think it’s time to talk to those relationship experts who have been down the road a time or two.

Here’s a favorite quote from the upcoming book, Naked with Chanel No. 5 – A Breakup Guide‪#‎NakedWithChanelNo5‬ Tonight it is about picking better at the outset. ‪#‎Relationships‬ ‪#‎LoveAdvice‬‪#‎Breakups

“God knows, we gals have been taught to accept the medium. Taught to accept the simple, the seemingly easy, or the ones who like us back even if only for today.

But what guy sits in a bar and says,

“Yeah she’s maybe a four or five but I’d totally date her because my clock is ticking and I’d better settle down.” ?

I mean seriously, who the eff says that?”

Naked with Chanel No. 5

Summers McKay

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Do Not Settle



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