It Isn’t Easy to Say Vagina, But You Still Should

It Isn’t Easy to Say Vagina, But You Still Should

What a woman does with her body is between her and a crongress full of men who can't say "vagina" without snickering.Dear Love Tribe,

I spend a lot of time using words like vagina and I will freely admit, it didn’t start out easy. I was raised in a conservative community where vaginas and penises were not frequently discussed. Words like orgasm, sex, and clitoris would make us all a little uncomfortable. I completely respect that for most of us, they still do!

However, I want to create an environment where respectful discussion about sex and intimacy, these super important elements in our existence, is welcomed and safe. I want you to know your body, your vagina, your penis, your clitoris, your balls, and your orgasm. I want to give you the tools to speak confidently with your lover and about your needs. I want you to have everything you need to be fulfilled.

I want to change the way our society talks about sex and sexual health and build a better future for our children.

My husband and I wrestle endlessly on where the lines are and what is too far or too crude. We battled over naming my new show ‪#‎LOVEGASM‬ because it’s so terrifyingly graphic! A completely made up word IS graphic because there is so much shame around sex and sexual health. One of my advisors suggested I come up with a character or alter ego to play the host role in the series. “You know, call yourself Aphrodite or something.” Yet, I feel strongly that I do not need a character or an alter ego to talk about sexual health. In fact, I believe it would cheapen it. Summers will do just fine.

So, if you want these tools and if you want to learn with me, join the discussion on Periscope, watch online, or listen to the podcasts. I am so incredibly excited for the guests we are lining up for the ‪#‎MakeLoveMore‬ series launching in November and honored to be talking directly with you on #LOVEGASM today.


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