LOVEGASM with Summers McKay: Episode 1 – Sex & Your Heart


Hello Love Tribe!

We are excited to have launched our new series, LOVEGASM this week. If you didn’t catch it LIVE on Periscope, you can find it here on YouTube as well as listen to the audio on your next commute! Enjoy!





Hello & Welcome to LOVEGASM

My name is Summers McKay and I am the CEO of Summers Love Company, a business dedicated to helping you achieve the most fulfilling love, sex, and intimate life possible. I’ve spent my life learning about love and sex and decided it was time to share my knowledge and the journey to learn more!

So what is LOVEGASM? It’s a bi-weekly Periscope Series that my team and I are launching to dive into topics of love, sex, health, relationships, intimacy and how to improve them all. Along with our more extended podcast series, Make Love More, we are determined to bring you the very best information possible about relinking love and orgasms in your relationship. So that’s it, welcome to LOVEGASM!

Today, we are talking about heartbeats.

Did you know that the more often you exercise at a higher heart rate, the BETTER your orgasms will be?

I am a total data nerd and when I decided to launch this series, I started tracking everything about my sex life – dates, time, quality, and yes…. Thanks to my handy dandy little fitbit charge here – even my heart rate.

Now, I am not alone in this journey to be a love guru. Along with me, I have my husband who has agreed to help me figure out what makes love tick and sex vibe. Tough job, right?

My husband and I started noticing something. The more often we had sex following a great workout – not immediately following, well sometimes, but within 24 hours, the higher my heart rate was during sex and the more I enjoyed it! So I figured there had to be some science behind it right?

Well I found this recent study that explains that women who have higher variable heart rates actually have better sex. The folks at UT Austin – Keep it weird guys – have found that women who don’t have the ups and downs of heart rates or a high HRV are more likely to complain of sexual dissatisfaction, low sexual arousal, and greater sexual dysfunction.

Your HRV is your heart rate variable and it is the amount of time between one heartbeat and the next. A low HRV means your heart beats regularly without a lot of ups and downs. This report also shared that a lot of women are reticent to admit that they don’t enjoy sex as much as they’d like to.

This got me thinking about ways we can help everyone increase their heart rates and thus sexual satisfaction. Ultimately sexual satisfaction is linked to so many amazing things like happier families, marriages, higher salaries, longer lives – that this IS really important.

Now, increasing heart rate before sex. This comes down to exercise. Yep, just straight up good ol sweating. Whether it be walking, biking, hiking, swimming or dancing, you must get your heart beating at a higher rate two to five times per week.


In addition to good regular exercise, you must also amp it up to get your heart into a higher zone. A very simple way to do this is to jump! Frequently! Yes, jump up and down for 2 minutes. Put on your favorite song and jump. If you have a jump rope, great, but if not – stretch your arms wide open and JUMP! This will not only increase your heart rate, but also scientifically is linked to greater energy, joy and in my opinion will bring you closer to your most desired lovegasm.

You can also choose other higher intensity short burst exercises like sprints, stairs, burpees etc – but jumping is a good place to start.

Now, let’s talk about ways of increasing your heartbeat during sex. We can all get creative with positions and the person on top is more likely to have a higher heart rate simply because they are using more muscles. BUT here are a few things we all can do regardless of position –

and it really comes to understanding the timeline of sexual arousal.

Our hearts go through four stages during sex: Arousal, Plateau, Orgasm, Resolution


In Arousal, the first touches, intimate petting, breast and nipple kissing, you are getting revved up. It feels like you are on a brisk walk as you move from introductory touching to when you clitoris starts to get much needed attention.


The next stage, Plateau, you are happy with the feelings you are having and you feel them all very intensely. It’s not actually a mellowing like the word plateau suggests, but instead a come to senses moment where everything you are feeling is really magnified and your whole body is connected.


Orgasm is the moment of the greatest increase in your blood pressure, heart rate and breathing. It lasts for about 15 to 30 seconds and is the delightful culmination of the buildup you built together! (Or alone – cuz that’s cool too)


And the last stage is Resolution – when your heart rate, blood pressure and breathing return to normal. This is that exhaustive sigh when you collapse together and are left in a love pile. (Or not! For those solo-ers)


Some quick tips –



Clitoral Stimulation – Yes, start with clitoral stimulation prior to penetration. This will rev up your heart rate and get everything pumping before penetration begins. Many women only experience clitoral orgasms and that’s totally delicious. What I would encourage you to do is to plan for some build up, go through those stages, don’t go for the orgasm right away. Even if it’s a quickie, clitoral stimulation for 2 to 3 minutes prior will help increase your heart rate.



Pre Penetration Penis Stimulation – Now, you might call this foreplay, but it’s a little more nuanced than that. It’s the time after kissing and groping and before penetration when your penis is hanging out on the outside. This is when you get to tease both yourself and your partner. Maybe consider letting your love member drag gently back and forth across that clitoris?


The question is often posed, “Is sex good exercise?” Well the truth is, if you are already exercising – then yes, it can be a very good addition to your fitness regiment.


Now, will you all please promise me that you will go jump up and down for one to two minutes today? I am pretty certain it will increase your sexual satisfaction.


Thanks for watching LOVEGASM. You can follow me on twitter at SummersMcKay and check out Summers Love Company on Facebook for more great LOVEGASM advice and to tell us what you want to learn about!



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