My Vagina Isn’t in the Mood, But I Still Am

My Vagina Isn’t in the Mood, But I Still Am


Dear Love Tribe,

This week on #LOVEGASM we are talking about pain during sex and not the good kind.

Let’s explore some of the causes behind not wanting to #MakeLoveMore. This week, I have had no less than five people share with me their less than randy relationship experiences of late.

I personally spent my day hanging out with my obgyn trying to suss out why all of the sudden my lovely lady place is not so magical these days. The profound irony of being an aspiring love and sex guru who would rather just be held is.. profound. Looks like there is a grumpy ovarian cyst to blame, but knowing that hardly makes it better.

How many of you out there have found yourself in the same place? Sex isn’t compelling because well, it hurts! The emotions associated with physical pain and particularly sexual pain are pretty powerful, isolating and confusing. 

We are researching the best advice we can find on how to get your head around it when you can’t get your body there.


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