Respect Means Admiration, Not Subjugation – Tony Robbins Inspired!

Respect Means Admiration, Not Subjugation – Tony Robbins Inspired!

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Dear Love Tribe,

There was a time when I absolutely hated the requirement that I had to “respect” my parents, archaic traditions, and God forbid ever respect a man… a husband. To me, respect came off as subjugation and that was unacceptable. I did not bow my head to anyone.

As time and life have passed, I have a new understanding of the word respect. It’s more about active admiration than regretful acquiescence. When understanding this, I began to seek out people I admired, look for traits in traditions and yes, my parents that I admired. Every day taking on the task of admiration for my family, my children, and my husband. This has been the greatest gift of my journey in learning to ‪#‎MakeLoveMore‬. If you don’t admire your partner, you cannot respect them.

There’s a modest chance we’ll be talking to Tony Robbins on Thursday withHuffPost Live with Nancy Redd. Have you followed some of his relationship strategies? What do you want to know about love & success? What should we ask him? See below for a blog I like of his from earlier this week.


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