Sexy Selfie Sunday

Sexy Selfie Sunday

Sexy Selfie Sunday Matisse Inspired DrawingsDear Love Tribe,

It’s Sexy Selfie Sunday!

Inspired by a nude by Matisse this morning, I got to looking at my favorite historical nudes. I once visited the Matisse Museum in Nice, France with my college roommate and have never forgotten the strength it made me feel. The powerful simple blue lines of the feminine form.

There is something so intensely powerful about the body in all its natural beauty. Artists don’t use photoshop to smooth out the lumps, but instead their hands to craft each curve. Intimacy is not just about perfect sexual acts but also about cherishing the entirety of you lover’s body and soul. Pictures allow us to cherish them from a distance.

I asked my husband to send me his favorite ‪#‎SexySelfie‬ that I’ve sent him over the years. I compared it to my own favorites from history. I think what we both love most is the perspective and gentle vulnerable presence of femininity, muscularity, and invitation. I love knowing that he cherishes seeing my honest form. While my body might have it’s physical challenges, and I am currently wrestling with some unknown health issues, that does not make me less than extraordinary.To him, I am perfect.

Take a picture of your naked self today and share it with your lover. Throw an instagram filter on it if you want. I often do. Whether it just be the curve of your thigh, your hip, your breast or your neck, it will be cherished. Vulnerable, scary, exciting, passionate or timid, it is right. This is an intimate act of cherishing yourself and allowing your lover to cherish you.

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