Embraceable – A LOVEGASM Conversation with August McLaughlin & Summers McKay

Embraceable – A LOVEGASM Conversation with August McLaughlin & Summers McKay

Dearest Love Tribe,

In my line of work, I read a lot of books. As a love conquistador, I read everything and learn from everyone I can about love, sex and intimacy. We recently secured another bookshelf in my home office, as the piles of books were creating a dangerous worded maze of wisdom around my desk. Yes, I also have a kindle… I am often reading two or three books at once. Right now, I am chapters in to After the Affair by JanisLOVEGASM Abrahms Spring, The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Cohelo and Business Networking and Sex by Misner, Walker and Raffele. This makes for truly engaging dreams!

Every once in a while, a book stops me in my tracks, I put everything else down and just read. An author shows up with a story that dives straight to the heart of learning about love and understanding sex. This week on LOVEGASM you get to meet one of those authors. Her book came to me at just the right time, as all good books do and I am thrilled to share it with you.

Earlier this year, August McLaughlin, host and creator of Girl Boner published Embraceable, Empowering Facts and True Stories About Women’s Sexuality. This collection of lovingly curated stories unveils truths behind sexual repression, sexual curiosity, post traumatic love making, divorce, sex addiction, motherhood and masturbation. August’s mission with her podcast series, Girl Boner and Embraceable is to teach us what we didn’t learn in sex ed. She and I are obviously soul sisters on this journey.

I invite you to both read Embraceable and enjoy our LOVEGASM interview. Listen here or on Stitcher and iTunes.



An excerpt from Embraceable, August McLaughlin writes

Embraceable, by August McLaughlinSex Versus Sexuality

“First, an important distinction: Sex and Sexuality aren’t the same thing. Sex is an act you engage in by yourself or with another and/or others. Sexuality, which is innate, includes your gender, sexual orientation and sex related impulses and desires, how you relate intimately with yourself, others and arguably, the world. It’s in your essence, your spirit, your soul.

While you won’t discover everything you need to know about sex in this book, my hope is that you will gain understanding of sexuality – particularly your own. With that under your belt (pun embraced!), you can cultivate the sex life of your dreams – and so much more. Without such understanding, sadly there will be problems. Trust me, I know.”

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