Sex Ed for Girls with Girls Empowerment Workshop Inspiration Guru Tobi Jo Greene on LOVEGASM

Dear Love Tribe,
There are those people ygew-color-logo255ou meet, who instantly inspire you! Tobi Jo Greene, director of the Girls Empowerment Workshop is one of them. I had the opportunity to meet Tobi Jo through a writing group that I participated in, and immediately knew she was the perfect guest for LOVEGASM. What we do here, is not just learn about sex and how to make it better, but also discuss what we should have learned earlier about sexual health, body image and body awareness. I know my mission is to add to the education we adults should have received as teens and support those who are building education for future generations!
Below, take heart and inspiration from my friend, Tobi Jo’s guest blog and her interview on LOVEGASM! She is magic.

image1 (1)My Heart to Yours, by Tobi Jo Greene
To all the teens girls struggling to find their place, from my heart to yours. I am visualizing my hands on your cheeks and telling you this, “it doesn’t matter If you are beautiful or pretty or fit in – can you play a song which you love and close your eyes and dance freely to it? Do you feel compassion for others and a sense of hope that they can know joy? Do you have a hobby you can immerse yourself in and find peace? Can you close your eyes and breathe deeply and feel hope? My wish for you is a sense of confidence and connection to a community. No matter how dark some days may seem, I wish for you deep love and light and that your path, through all of its ups and downs, may lead you toward a sense of purpose and belonging by your own definition.
Tobi Jo

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