Love Heals

Love Heals

Dear Love Tribe,

Love Heals is one of my favorite mantras. Relationships are never simple and love is a truly complicated emotion. Intimacy and sex can confound us even when we think everything is going well. There will be moments when you feel you cannot trust anything, but I encourage to trust in love. What will be, will be. With love in your heart, love for yourself, love for your lover, strength to continue moving is there.

This is a picture of a charm I put on my beloved husband’s key chain to remind him daily that Love Heals. We were going through a tough time, and I needed it as much to remind myself as it was for him. I didn’t ask permission, I just did it. A few weeks later, he posted this on his instagram and it made me well with tears. Don’t ask permission to love. Don’t expect to be heard right away. It will come in time and your love will be received when it should. Don’t allow others to make you accountable for their pain. Just love.


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