Self Love, Karma, and Your Love Life

Self Love, Karma, and Your Love Life


Dear Love Tribe,

Of late, I have been thinking a lot about Karma. I recently had a meeting with a cosmic consciousness insider and learned about the process of “cleaning up your karma”. Unexpected painful and tricky junk showed up in my life a few weeks back, and I was left staring in the mirror saying, “What did I do to deserve this?” As someone dedicated to spreading inspiration, light, love and kindness, it seemed like a right hook, I didn’t deserve. However, I am learning that Karma runs deeper than what I did yesterday returns with what I receive today. Some lessons are not at simple face value.

I need to understand and cherish my own darkness as much as my own light. I need to understand that self confidence is not the same as self love. I need to do the work to call forth the things I want most and create unwavering agreements with myself and the people I allow into my life as to what is acceptable. Whatever your journey is, remember the laws of karma. Ask, work, give, listen, love and you shall receive.



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