About Us

A letter from our founder, Summers McKay


Dear Everyone,

Sexual Health Education and Intimate Care Products

have not changed for the good

in the last thirty years.

I know this because my teen and tween step daughters are currently going through sex ed and it is appalling. I know this because my friends and colleagues have been asking me for intimacy advice, sex advice, and love advice my entire life. I know this because when you google Improve Sex Lives there are countless articles that offer clickbait and very little valuable information. I know this because 60% of the population reports dissatisfaction with their sex lives. I know this because the occurrence of yeast infections and urinary tract infections due to the use of vaginal sprays and douches continues to unnecessarily rise. I know this because I had to develop my own tools, products, and content to better understand my sexual experience following a divorce, cervical cancer, terrible subsequent man decisions, learning how to date, and finding a new wonderful mate.

Since January 2015, I have been working to create natural based intimate care products starting with a pre and post coital sex wipe called Delight Wipes. After raising a modest amount on Indiegogo, we were able to get samples of the wipes from our manufacturer. After what was an arduous development process, we were incredibly disappointed with the product. They were not to our standards. While it was a brutal experience of understanding my own sunk cost behavior, we parted ways and re-centered as a company.

What can we do to continue to address the problems of

sexual dissatisfaction, lack of education, and lack of quality products?

Well, we can keep working on developing quality natural care products, and we can also go back to what we are really good at. We can create an entirely new eco-system for sexual health and bring it out of the shadows through content, technology, applications and products. Instead of just doing one thing, making Delight Wipes, we can do it all.

Let’s build a love empire and call it

Summers Love Company!

Now, in order to accomplish this we have a plan. We are going to simultaneously build our content portfolio and develop our relationship enhancing app, while we design our natural products. Think, The Honest Company meets Harpo.


Over 60% of people report dissatisfaction with their sex lives.

We have set out to change this.

Sexual satisfaction is linked to healthier people, greater individual financial success, longer lives, and the general well being of relationships and families. I am elevating the dialogue about sex to one about understanding intimacy in its highest form.

The goal of our company is threefold.

1) Improve Sexual Satisfaction and further the benefits of healthy sexual relationships including; happier people, higher incomes, decrease in depression, and healthier families.

2) Improve Sexual Health Education and make a substantial impact in the understanding of healthy sexual practices, sexual relationships, and furthering research into effect means of preventing teen rape, pregnancy, STI’s and initiating sexual intercourse at progressively earlier ages.

3) Celebrate intimacy and bring the conversation about sex out of the shadows. We are determined to re-link intimacy and orgasm and helping our society to understand that sex is a powerful and beautiful tool that should be given respect.

Entrepreneurship is a harrowing and intense process and speaking publicly about sexual health and wellness is equally intimidating. Over the last year as I have developed my company and furthered my mission, I have become increasingly dedicated. I am not giving up.

On October 17, 2013 I came down from a climb on Kilimanjaro and wrote the following intention.


“Turn my passion for love, inspiration, adventure,

healing and learning into a successful and lucrative career.”

I hold fast to this intention and am determined to improve the world. You can help me do this.