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Our goal with this series is simple. We want to help you #MakeLoveMore. We want to give you every resource you need to understand how to increase intimacy, make that magical connection, or remake it with your lover.

Ultimately a healthy sex life will drive satisfaction throughout the rest of your life. 

Over 60% of people report dissatisfaction with their sex lives. I have set out to change this. Sexual satisfaction is linked to healthier people, greater individual financial success, longer lives, and the general well being of relationships and families. I am elevating the dialogue about sex to one about understanding intimacy in its highest form.

The goal of our series is threefold.

  1. Improve Sexual Satisfaction and further the benefits of healthy sexual relationships including; happier people, higher incomes, decrease in depression, and healthier families.
  2. Improve Sexual Health Education and make a substantial impact in the understanding of healthy sexual practices, sexual relationships, and furthering research into effect means of preventing teen rape, pregnancy, STI’s and initiating sexual intercourse at progressively earlier ages.
  3. Celebrate Intimacy and bring the conversation about sex out of the shadows. We are determined to re-link intimacy and orgasm and helping our American society to understand that sex is a powerful and beautiful tool that should be given respect.

We look forward to helping the world Make Love More!