About us


A Letter from our founder, Summers McKay

Dear Love Tribe,

I began creating Vision Boards when I was a child. The collages of optimism, of the stories I knew I wanted to tell, and the life I wanted to lead, were carefully trimmed from my mother’s magazines. I knew I wanted adventure - to discover where the princesses lived, to dive where the mermaids swam, to climb where the sky met the mountains from a very young age. This love of exploration was one part nurture and one part nature. I was raised to be independent, to strike out on my own, to soar - and so I began to Vision Board my biggest dreams.

As a child, I spent my summer vacations running on beaches, playing in pools, scaling mountains, and covered in dirt from the creek that ran past my home. We hunted for petrified wood, trapped garter snakes and chased magpies away from the robins. We spotted baby racoons and sweet families of deer in the fields, and occasionally (regrettably) scorched our skin with a long day in the sun. My cousins and brother and I loved the experience of being free during the adventure that was summer.

As an adult, it has been more challenging to pursue that bright, shiny and unbound experience of summer days. Yet, it can be done! It can be done with travel, weekend warrioring, or a delicious and luxurious shower covered head to toe in luscious coconut oil. It can come from laughing with children or an extra long walk with a playful dog. It also can come from choosing to live in a life you absolutely love. We can all shine, like we did in our summer days. I promise, we really can!

Pursuing the biggest, most brilliant and shiny life you possibly can is a scary concept. It’s a challenge that we can easily convince ourselves we are not worthy of. We aren’t alone in that downsizing. We have heard many times, don’t be so loud, so strong, so big. Be careful, be small. And yet, the world needs our biggest, brightest, shiniest selves to show up and welcome others into their own joy. The world needs more warm sunlight, more basking in the glow of happy, of friendship, of kindness, of love.

And that’s why we have created Love Summers. This is why we make products with Coconut Oil, Fair Trade Coffee, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil and other rich natural oils. Our mission is to help your body, skin, heart, and soul feel the delicious adventure of your summer days. Because we love summers, and we love you.




About Our Company

Founded in 2018, Love Summers Company is based in Santa Barbara, California. 

Key Company Values:

Kindness: Kindness, above all drives our company. Kindness to the self, the world, and the communities we work for and with. Our products help our customers create a space of kindness for themselves, as at its core, caring for yourself allows you to better care for those you love.

Integrity: Integrity is not just honesty, it is the state of being whole or undivided. We bring our undivided commitment to Love Summers to create products of extraordinary quality, sourced through ethical practices. We work with an undivided goal of improving lives and bringing our customers, colleagues, and collaborators to the joy they deserve to have in this life.

Respect: Respect of the beautiful world, the extraordinary people, and the gifts we receive from both is an essential part of Love Summers. The products we create are meant to elevate your already beautiful body, heart and mind. We know you are already worthy of gracious respect for your journey and we are honored to join your life’s experience.

Love: We have a mantra around here, “Replace Fear with Love”. It means that every moment we are worried about a looming deadline, something in our families, finances, or another fear inducing experience, our first step is to send as much kindness, integrity, and respect towards it as possible. This is how we exercise love. Love replaces fear and we are given the chance to recognize that all is as it should be and every lesson, every challenge, is leading us to another abundant and joyous day.