We are on a little summer hiatus!

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Love Summers Company is on a brief hiatus.

We are searching the world for the very best Sunshine Oils. We will be relaunching this summer with a new line of beautiful, natural, luxurious, and extraordinary skincare products. 

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Woman on beach thinking of natural skin care

Good For Love

Above all, we believe in love. We believe that every body is worthy of the chance to love and the opportunity to be loved. We believe the all-natural products designed here at Love Summers provide you with the ingredients to show your body, and the bodies of the people you love, the affection that is richly deserved.

Bubbles are all natural

Good For the World

We work to make the world a better place by respecting you and Mother Earth. Our products are: Organic (when possible). Non GMO. Gluten-free. Vegan. Fair Trade. Cruelty-free. No artificial colors. No artificial preservatives. No harmful chemicals. No toxins. Transparent. We support organizations that do the same.

Coconut oil offers some sun protection

Good for the Body

We believe that love is good for the body and create products that are good for you. Your body is your temple and we believe you should maintain it well - not so others will worship it, but instead so you can live the most complete and joyous life possible. Shop now and nourish, heal, moisturize, hydrate, cleanse, shine, glow


I have been using less than a dime size on my face to help with dry skin before I go to bed. Within 48 hours, my skin was no longer red and dry. I will no longer use over-the-counter face lotion.

Joshua Williams

As a mom, I am very careful about what I put on my little one's skin. Coconut Allover Lube is the most nourishing, healing, product I have ever used. Whether it's cradle cap for my infant, a scraped knee for my toddler, or dry elbows for mom, Coconut Allover Lube is our go-to.

Rachel Marean

My husband and I swear by this product. It is so much better than coconut oil on its own. Something that Love Summers has done makes it more easily absorbed, less greasy, and so incredibly nourishing for our bodies, head to toe! 

Shannon Dutter